Data Tech offers an operational view of your business at the point of sale.

Cloud platform for analysis and visualization of coffee business data.

HKoffee cloud platform

Mobile app for management and recording of technical support interventions.

HKoffee mobile app

Data Tech by HKoffee is an advanced proprietary Big Data cloud platform that transforms quality and consumption data into strategic knowledge.

It integrates powerful, flexible, and scalable algorithms capable of analyzing large volumes of data and interrelating consumption and quality data to identify patterns, correlations, and better understand the factors influencing coffee brewing quality.

API Integration of various data sources.

Equipment monitorized with HKoffee.

Data collected by integrated systems from any manufacturer.

External data sources (ERP, CRM, etc.).

Fields such as cup control at the point of sale find the perfect ally in this technology for improving and automating their processes.

01 Brewing Quality Capture variables with AI for real-time cup control. Automate repetitive control tasks. Predict brewing and grinding errors and foresee quality risks.‘

Know in real-time all your customers consumption to prevent fraudulent deviations.

02 Consumption Control Visualize consumption by type for each piece of equipment, as well as brewing peaks. Optimize brewing times, resources, and workloads at the point of sale.

Anticipate stoppages to minimize equipment risks, save costs, and improve the response time of the technical support team.

03 Asset Management Identify cleaning errors that occur in the process, ensuring stability and proper care of the equipment. Geolocate your entire fleet of machines and receive alerts for unauthorized movements to prevent losses.

Centralize the management and recording the actions of your technical support team to gain agility and flexibility.

04 Techinal support management Improve the useful life of equipment and spare parts with wear data based on consumption.� Define and act based on maintenance plans according to patterns and equipment conditions.

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