At Himikode, we know that being coffee experts requires more than just learning and knowledge.

Applying deeptech to the world of coffee means being proactive, understanding different perspectives, and most importantly: enabling the sector to grasp the business vision behind all great technology.

Our milestones — 2019 Foundation of the company IEBT. 2021 Launch of MVP. Incorporation of Early Adopters. BFFood Acceleration Program. 2022 Innovative SME Seal. BFFood Consolidation Program. 2023 Patent grant. HKoffee commercial launch. Internationalization Acceleration Program Galicia Avanza. Investment round opening. 2024 New AI-based functionalities.

Our ecosistem — 01 Members of Galicia Food & Drink Cluster(CLUSAGA). 02 Members of Galician Cluster of Environmental Solutions and Circular Economy (VIRATEC). 03 Members of National Center for Food Technology and Safety (CNTA). 04 Colaboration with Galicia Technological Institute (ITG). 05 Colaboration with Digital Innovation HUB DATAlife. 06 Colaboration with Technological CenterGRADIANT. 07 Colaboration with Navarra Industry Association(AIN).